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The Benefits of Stretching

At our practice, patients are always asking us what they can do to improve their chiropractic results outside of their adjustments, and we love answering them!

So, what’s our number one recommendation? Stretching!

Stretching has incredible benefits. If you’d like to learn more about what types of stretches are best for you, please ask us at your next appointment.

How Stretching Helps the Body

It offers improved flexibility. This isn’t just important for athletes—imagine how much easier simple tasks like cleaning would be if your body moved with ease. Simply put, stretching can help keep your muscles and joints young, longer.

  • Better posture. How? One of the leading causes of poor posture is an imbalance in muscle strength and tone. By stretching specific muscles that you may not use regularly, you’re making them stronger, therefore improving your posture. Improved posture leads to better alignment and better health!
  • Stress relief. When we’re stressed, our muscles tend to tense up, and if we don’t do anything to relieve the tension, it will only continue to build. Stretching is a fantastic way to release built up tension in the body. When you stretch, you can also practice meditation or breathing exercises for an incredible full-body benefit.

Ready to get stretching? Take it slow and easy to start, and don’t overdo it. In fact, ask us for specific recommendations at your next visit.

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