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Meet Dr. David Clements

Dedicated to Fixing the Cause of the Problem through Chiropractic

Another pill!!… Is that going to fix me or create more problems?

Chiropractor Costa Mesa, Dr. David ClementsHaven’t we all asked that question after going to the doctor? Didn’t we want our pain to go away permanently without more medication? The answer is YES!

“When I was introduced to the world of chiropractic care, I finally discovered something that made sense!” If the CAUSE of the pain is not corrected, the body WILL BE damaged. Sweeping the dirt under the rug never works, so why do we think that covering up a symptom with a pill is the answer? Your body talks to you through symptoms, so we need to listen to our bodies so we can function normally.

My Journey

“I admit it. I’m a weekend warrior, which means that I don’t play sports every day, but when I do, I give a 110% without caring about how I feel afterwards.”

Dr. David plays in a competitive hockey league, and they play hard. “I can always tell I do when I feel the pain the next day. Thankfully, I discovered how chiropractic not only relieves pain but also prevents injury.”

With an aligned spine your body is healthier because the spine houses the most important aspect of your body: the Nervous System. If your spine is not properly aligned, then your nervous system is more susceptible to being impacted by everyday life – stress, car accidents, illness, etc.

“I want you and your body to function at its most optimal level, so I look forward to sharing chiropractic and all its benefits with you.”

Chiropractic Education

Dr. David was born and raised in Canada, so most of his life revolved around hockey. He received a hockey scholarship to Augsburg College in Minnesota to play NCAA hockey. He received a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Chemistry, while honored on the Dean’s list for academics. “I was then accepted to Southern California University of Health Sciences where I graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic with honors on the Dean’s List and was given the prestigious award of “Best Technique” in the 2010 SCUHS graduating class.”

Dr. David is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the California Chiropractic Association as well as Board Certified in the United States and Canada.

Our Philosophy and Objectives

Our philosophy in our practice is very simple.

We want to help as many people in Costa Mesa as possible and to promote good health and wellness. We not only want to treat our patients but also educate them on how to live a healthier lifestyle so as to prevent future injuries or disease. We help the body by removing pressure off the nervous system so the body can function normally and ultimately heal itself without the use of medication.

My Life Outside the Office

“My number one joy in my life is my wife Tiffany, who has supported me throughout my life but especially in my career as a chiropractor.”

“As I’ve mentioned, I’m an avid hockey player and play on a weekly basis at a highly competitive level.”

“I also strive to maintain a balanced diet of fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well as having a very disciplined workout schedule, involving both cardio and strength training.”

“My passion is helping others to be healthy and well so they can live full lives. I want that for you, too. Thanks again for stopping by our site.”

Don’t stay in pain one moment longer! Give us a call today.


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