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Meet Dr. Daniel Clements

Fully Dedicated to Chiropractic Care and You

I chose chiropractic, and never looked back…

Chiropractor Costa Mesa, Dr. Daniel ClementsDr. Daniel was tired of taking pills for all of his aches and pains throughout his athletic career. Every time he went to my MD, he was prescribed the next best drug that would HOPEFULLY take care of his pain, and if that didn’t work then he was given another pill.

Can any of you relate?

“So when all of the medication stopped working, I looked for another solution … a proactive solution. I chose chiropractic and have never looked back.”

“My first chiropractic experience left me wondering why I ever took medication in the first place. I had instant relief from my first adjustment and kept up with the maintenance ever since.” From that time on, he stopped taking any type of medicine and started listening to what his body needs.

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Daniel’s scholastic career started in Canada, and, through a hockey scholarship. He moved to Minnesota where he enrolled in the Pre-med program. “I wanted to be a surgeon, but after seeing how many people chose drugs and neglected their bodies, I decided to become a wellness doctor.”

Ironically, Dr. Daniel chose a profession that would teach people to AVOID surgery. “I was inspired to educate people on how to live pain free and stay healthy without using the traditional medicine.”

After getting a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Dr. Daniel went to medical school at Southern California University of Health Sciences in California and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic. “I held honors throughout my education and made the Dean’s List every year. My best honor was being awarded the Best Technique Award, which is chosen by the faculty for the best adjustment.”

“Bottom line, I love my job!”

What do we believe as a practice?

We’re devoted to taking a patient’s problem, finding the underlying root cause and correcting it. Our job is not to just take away the symptoms so that they come back, but to correct the symptoms so that they never come back. We take pride in how well we handle patients with headaches, neck and lower back pain, sciatica, and especially automobile accidents.

We’ll take on any case, and we’ll tell the patient if they’re qualified for chiropractic care or not.

My Life Outside the Office

“If you knew what I knew, you wouldn’t do what you do.”

A healthy lifestyle is very important to Dr. Daniel. He tries to eat very healthy, stay active and, most importantly, enjoy life.

Remember the phrase, “Movement is Life?” Those who continue to stay active throughout their lives, whether it is during their development, career or retirement, will live healthier, longer and more accomplished lives.

“I’m still involved with competitive hockey on a weekly basis, and I like to golf as much as I can. My wife and I try to get to the beach as much as possible or take our two-year-old terrier for a walk. We just enjoy exercising period!”

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